Get Out Of That Rut – Don’t Make It Part Of Your Life!

Don’t lose hope when the doctor says ‘sorry, the only cure is time.’ There is some help for this mysterious baby condition and I will tell you all the things that did and didn’t work for me.

Don’t despair if you see someone else chasing the same idea. No two writers will create the same story, and ideas are not copyrightable. Your execution of an idea is what makes it unique.

Learning and maturity are partners and learning comes from growtallerbook. from socialization and from experience. We have made great technological strides during the last century. Have we reached the pinnacle of learning? Not until the finest poem has been written, while the greatest song is still unheard.

The music was good last night at Genghis Cohen, although a bit slow. We had another teen sensation in the person of 18 year old Bess, followed by industry professional by day and performer by night Roya Vakili. No show next week in honor of Thanksgiving, but Shout it Out Promotions will be back the week afterwards with not one, but three shows – two at Genghis and one at Molly Malones. Watch for details next Saturday.

Hot Water Bottle – My mother-in-law came in for a visit and brought her old school hot water bottle with her for Sarah’s tummy. It actually seemed to help her tummy and help her sleep for longer periods of time at night. She said it was suppose to make her feel more secure. The only problem is that with everything you introduce to your baby, just know you will have to remove it sometime. Sarah got dependent on the water bottle and we had some very rough nights getting her off of it. Overall, it helped but was only a temporary solution and not what I consider the main fix.

Next we have the television personalities such as Jim Cramer. Cramer has given out a lot of terrible advice, and has influenced many people to lose substantial amounts of money. Cramer, in his ignorance, continually tells people to buy stocks on the way down in price. Mr. Cramer, you are telling people to go against the trend. Obviously, Cramer does not understand the successful principles of trading in the stock market. Sadly, way too many people fall for his losing methods.

Being a new mom is difficult without having a child with colic. My doctor put me on post partum medication a few weeks after delivery. If you or anyone you know is having a difficult time with post-partum feelings there is nothing to be scared or embarrassed about and there is medication you can take while you are nursing. You can take better care of your child, colic or not if you are well. There is no reason to suffer through this time. You want to enjoy as much as you can and sometimes meds can help.

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Get Out Of That Rut – Don’t Make It Part Of Your Life!

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