How To Create Wealth Without College

Living a successful, more abundant life is something everybody wants. Who amongst us wouldn’t want to be surrounded with the things capable of filling our lives with happiness? We have only one go ’round at this thing called life and we each deserve to live it as abundantly as we choose.

If you have started buying your ketchup Wealth Formula by the barrel at Costco but now seem to have every electronic gadget in the book you might be better off switching back to the grocery store and buying smaller quantities even if it costs more. Bulk buying only works when you buy the products you need, and you keep your eyes (and hands) off the ones you want.

While driving home on a dark night in July, I was forced to collide with another car when the driver swerved into my lane. My car flew in the air and rolled. My seatbelt broke lose and I was ejected from the drivers side window shattering my jaw. I fell into a small stream as my car landed on top of me. Shockingly, the other driver had not injuries. Instead of calling for help, he stole my wallet and left me there, chocking on my own blood. Fortunately, someone heard the wreck and called for help. I was flown to the closest hospital. I sustained a chronic head injury, shattered jaw and broken hip. I immediately fell into a coma. After awakening from a two month coma I realized that I was no longer in control of who I wanted to be.

This form of distribution contributes billions to the overall economy. In 2012, revenues generated through network marketing were in excess of $167 billion. In comparison, the NFL which is considered a very solid establishment, only grossed $9.6 billion.

Unfortunately, people seem to associate ‘making more money’ with Wealth. A person making $12,000 dollars a month seems to be wealthier than one who makes $10,000 a month. And why not? This person has a $2000 advantage over the latter! Isn’t he sure to be deemed Honest Review?

For the first time ever, I have put together my stealth wealth formula…which is guaranteed to make money for you, week in week out … for the rest of your life.

Sound: Sounds are also important for our health – they need to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. You can use wind chimes, bells, and indoor water fountain for pleasing sounds indoors.

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