Princess Letizia: Royal Fashion Winner 2010

Bags – Handbags, as we British say, purses for the Americans, they are everywhere in Thailand. I’m an absolute handbag freak (I buy at least three a week), so Thailand is bag heaven for me. Hundreds of thousands of purses in Thailand run from 100 to 299 baht ($2.85 to $8.50). There’s a market stall near my office that sells hundreds of bags for 250 baht $7.10, and I buy at least two bags from him every week. Yellow, green, black, brown, large, small bags, medium bags, clutch bags, shoulder bags, shopping bags, thin straps, fat straps – I have them all. And I love every one of them. So, if you’re in Bangkok, Thailand any time soon, don’t forget to buy a bag – they’re Thailand’s favorite fashion accessory and they’re lovely.

So how does this work? These collars are specially designed to reflect light. When any sort of light hits your dog’s collar, it glows and shines as a result of which you can easily spot your dog. Reflective collars are quite similar to reflective vests and leather belts.

She seemed to take great pleasure in the humiliation aspect of the beatings. We had to have them bare-bottomed, of course. And when she chose to use a cherry switch, we had to go outside and pick it ourselves. If it wasn’t large or good enough she would send us back out to pick another and give us extra swats for trying to get away buy leather belts with it”.

Compared with cloth belts, leather belts have the advantages of being more formal, durable and elegant. They are the perfect match for suit pants. There are many screen stereotypes with the image of a man in suit with leather belt, among which you can easily speak out the names like James Bond of the 007 Series, Clark Kent of Superman, etc. But since the leather material will easily get musty when it is wet, it can only be regarded as relatively durable.

belts – Belts are a staple of every Thai girls fashion wardrobe. Right now, a shirt, a cute skirt and a belt are office attire for most Thai office girls. Belts can be bought at shopping malls (about $6 for beautiful leather the brama store) or on market stalls or street stalls for as little as $1. Last week, I bought a lovely black leather woven belt – thick, and perfect for my usual office clothes. At only $2.45, it was a great buy, so really, I couldn’t resist. Belts are a fabulous fashion accessory because they make every outfit just a little bit more ‘put together’.

Match your shoes and belt. More traditional or classic colors like deep tan, brown or black are usually the best. These colors are generally very easy to match with just about any outfit. Wear fabric belts with items such as jeans for a more casual look.

And finally, refer online and know the current trends. There is wide information available online, from which you can learn more about trends in fashion industry.

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Princess Letizia: Royal Fashion Winner 2010

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