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It’s official. Cloud computing is the latest trend in the B2B software scene. With companies like SAP now buying and investing in ways to take part, the signs are definitely pointing to a world were information is accessible from anywhere.

I’m much more productive- My smart phone makes me more productive. I now no longer have any downtime. My smart phone allows me to get back more hours each day. I can respond to emails whilst I am on the road and I’ve also been known to write articles on my phone during sporting breaks to submit to my blog or to this article directory! Because I am able to better make use of my downtime whilst away from home, it means I get back at least an hour at the end of the day where I don’t need to be responding to emails. This is my time that I now get to spend with friends and family.

The iPad has a few design weaknesses, and developers are working hard to close these gaps. If you know where to look there are simple cheapest office 365 solutions to most of these issues, as well as some apps that are just plain cool. Check out this list of 10 free apps for your iPad 2.

Keeping a work email separate from a personal one, will keep everything professional. When you are sending a forward or looking for an email contact, you will not have to look through dozens of contacts. The separation can keep things sorted out and allow contact boxes to be smaller.

Keep in mind that Microsoft, with Windows, does have the market’s biggest developer base. If Microsoft can make it easier for developers to work with Windows Mobile, they could have a huge advantage – even though Apple already has more than 100,000 applications in its iPhone/iPod Touch App Store.

Stories were invented, so that people could remember what had happened before. Stories turned into sagas as the amount to remember became huge. As time went on, the sagas turned into encyclopaedias and it all started to get a bit difficult to remember. On another day, the human brain suddenly crossed the next size threshold to invent WRITING. What a day that was. The only problem was this: what on earth to write on?

As a business investment, you will agree that a good IT telemarketing service will help you become more competitive in the IT market. For your cloud computing business, this is the best way for you to increase profitability.

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