21 Tips For A New Year’s Wedding

For brides and grooms who are going to host a Chinese themed wedding, they will need to search for a wedding card in Chinese style. However, most couples do not know how they can choose it. In fact, there are some common elements you can found from Chinese style wedding cards. You can look for these features when you are making your choice.

Today, wedding invitations need not be the usual unfussy cards that our ancestors had long been using. The concept of the modern wedding invitations lies on the premise that they are a part of the wedding and any neglected details of the invitation would reflect how haphazard the wedding plans were made.

When planning a St. Patrick’s Day wedding think green and Irish. wedding invitation s should match the wedding themes. Choose your wedding theme first. Then, choose your unique St. Patrick’s Day wedding invitation to send. Here are a few ideas for St. Patrick’s Day wedding website.

You will need to wait until the New Year to send out your wedding invitations as you don’t want people to lose them before the big day and if you send them out a year in advance then the chances are invitations will be lost and people won’t know where the venue is or even the right time. Save the date cards will quite simply inform people the date that you are planning on getting married and so invitations are still required to inform people of the venues and of course the time of the wedding.

You should also ask if there will be some extra charges by the wedding vendors if your event is overrun. In most cases this will be applied to the venue, photographer and caterer. Of course you will also require them to list all this extra charges on the contracts.

White cards with gold writing – Traditional white cards with gold writing can be used for St. Patrick’s Day wedding invitations. The white wedding invitations can even have a design of a pot of gold on them in gold ink.

Now onto the specifics…”Black tie optional” is actually the easiest designation to decipher. It means that the bride and groom really would like for their guests to wear black tie, but are afraid to come right out and require it. So for this type of wedding, the men should wear a tuxedo, and the women should also dress for a black tie event. Look for either a floor length gown or a very dressy cocktail dress. Either one should be accessorized with your best wedding jewelry, whether it is pearl or crystal.

Have fun designing escort cards that will add style to your wedding. If you personalize your escort cards, they can go beyond simply serving a function, and add to the overall design of your wedding. It is the little details that make your wedding feel unique.

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