New York Holidays – A Trip To New York City Has Something For Everyone

Recently on a trip to Minneapolis, my six-year-old son and I were able to visit the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul. While we were there primarily for the dinosaur exhibit, we found much more to experience and enjoy at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

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The Kensington Palace is a grand place to visit. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time or at the door. There are many tours that take place in this building. One tour will show visitors the amazing staircase that belonged to one of the kings. There is also a bedroom that belonged to Queen Mary and it shows her infamous bed. It is one of the oldest beds to be preserved. These tours will show visitors the decor and detail of the interior design. There are ravishing gardens to explore, shopping and places to view art.

The fair is open for a whole week in July, with entertainment from concerts to monster trucks. There is a carnival, farm exhibits, and lots and lots of greasy food. There are different forms of entertainment every day and, if you so choose, you can buy a mega pass for $60, which includes all of the rides, or a fun pack for $40 if you don’t like the rides. VIP parking is $3, but the rest of the parking is about a minute longer walk (and it’s free).

The main entrance to the Science Museum of Minnesota brings you straight in to Level 5. Upon entering the museum, the first stop must be to the box office to buy wristbands for the exhibit area. For me and my son, the cost of the wristbands were $19.50, which I thought was rather high. But it did include two passes to the OmniTheater, originally priced at $11 and $6.50.

These are but a few of the hundreds choices available to visitors and residents in Raleigh. The visitors bureau has a web site called visitraleigh that has more complete information as well as contact numbers. No matter what you like, there is a good chance you will find it in Raleigh or one of the neighboring cities.