Ranking All 32 College Basketball Conferences For The 2007-2008 Season

New numbers from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey are out and a small army of bloggers and reporters have been culling through the data dump in an effort to parse out how cyclists fit into the commuting mix.

In the neighborhood up near Vinyl Replacement Window Virginia City that I used to live in, one of the people I used to carpool with had bought a Mercedes ML320 not long before some snow fell on the ground. Only two roads in the subdivision are paved, the rest of them are all washboard and gravel. So while this person drove his Mercedes, it handled quite well in the snow, and his maximum speed was the speed limit.

The Golden Compass. To me, this rings loud and clear that our nation is not yet ready to accept atheism. Of course, movies like this don’t help it. This also says that people will do almost anything to get a movie that makes a lot of money, even if it teaches our children bad values.

I know there are some out there that are saying, “Our state government will NEVER let tourism funding go down very much!” I just heard that the other day!

#5 Memphis – Let me get this straight, Memphis beats up on Conference USA opponents and suddenly the Tigers are the fifth best team in the nation? Thirty-point victories over SMU and Southern Miss are as impressive as beating up on your little sister. Yes, the Tigers deftly handled Gonzaga back on February 7th, but that is really their only quality win since they squeaked by an underperforming Tennessee team. This team doesn’t hold a candle to middle-of-the-pack Big East teams, which might be why Memphis lost to Syracuse and Georgetown earlier in the season.

Caffeine is a drug. Alcohol is a drug [obviously]…. Cigarettes….. All of these things effect humans negatively, of course anything within excess can effect you negatively, so WHY is Marijuana illegal……. Is it because it’s considered a gateway drug, or of late because the government can’t engineer money off of it? …

Portland is that rare American city that has made a sustained commitment to improving its bicycle infrastructure. BikePortland touts the city’s increasing bicycle commuting rates in recent years, and has some nice charts that really hammer the city’s success home.

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