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How would you like to get a free Apple iPad? If you are anything like me you are wondering is this real or is it a scam? Especially since this is one of the hottest gadgets on the planet hands down. When the iPad first went on sale close to a thousand people waited in line to get one. Apple employees came out with a megaphone announcing that they had less than 100 in this particular location and not one person budged. They happily waited in line for hours for the chance to fork over their hard earned cash.

How will I get paid? Unlike most, Ipsos will pay you in rewards points. Once you reach a certain threshold, you can turn around and cash them in for how to get free eshop codes, merchandise, and more.

They do not break stuff; they will deliver gifts in good condition. Lots of companies that deliver/ ship gifts to other states actually use these services. While your gift will arrive safe and sound in one piece, there are minor chances of delay because of the holiday rush. The trick is to send your gift a day or two early or maybe little late if you know mom wont mind.

Date nights could benefit from additional movies and music. Think back to what movies or music grab your partner’s attention. Package it up as a ‘date night bundle’ – showing that you enjoy spending time with your partner is a nice way of keeping your relationship healthy and positive during the holidays.

Conscious Chocolate – are for the UK. They make 14 flavors from essential orange to Love Potion #9 and flavors in between. Check for them online at conscious chocolate.

DVDs/Movies. This is another great gift if you are shopping for Christmas at the last minute. There are a lot of great DVDs that are coming during the holidays. Also, there are some video stores that are having great sales on movies.

Silk is a luxurious fabric that many people think is just for women. However, they make men’s PJ’s out of this material as well. Most guys that own a pair are likely to recommend the style to others. The comfort that comes with silk makes them enjoyable to wear, especially when lounging around the house or while asleep for the night.

With the wide variety of gourmet coffee gifts available on the market today, your coffee loving friend doesn’t’ have to receive the same gift basket that you sent last year. With so many unique items to choose from you just might find yourself putting together your own gift basket to send.

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